GWH Luxury

is a recognized leading advisory boutique serving some of the most influential luxury brands and investment funds.

We work on
Future Strategies
Merger & Acquisition
Partnerships & Collaborations
Sales and Growth Plans
Finance Advisoring
Crisis Management
Temporary management

We strive to do our work quietly
We reach our goals without frills
We try to be bold with lightness

We operate internationally

Some recent goals achieved

Sales and Growth strategy

Consistent sales growth (Wholesale: +4% / Retail: +9% / Online: +17% / Ebitda + 60%)

  • Store and flagship store openings on high streets and in shopping malls in major global fashion markets;
  • Opening of international wholesale channels and of a new Italian wholesale network;
  • Reorganization of the product portfolio and introduction of new designers;
  • Construction and consequent presentation to shareholders and stakeholders and to the financial community of a 360 degrees business and implementation plan.


We can help with the process of adopting compliance models, obtaining specific certifications and accessing internationalization programs.

  • Assistance with the REACH compliance process;
  • Compliance Model Adoption Process;
  • Elite Certification from the Italian Stock Market;
  • Access to the High Potential Program of the Foreign Trade Agency.

Finance and Business administration

  • Search and integration of investors to relaunch investments;
  • Planning and implementation of a debt strategy partially supported by state partners;
  • Management of business continuity in a state of receivership.

Logistics Reorganization

  • Design and opening of a new logistics hub for omnichannel distribution;
  • Insourcing and logistics organization on a proprietary platform for <1.4M items per season;
  • Logistics management process and e-commerce shipping to 32 countries.

HR Management

  • Establishment of a new HR organization chart;
  • Team design on new worldwide organization;
  • Cost cutting and reorganization on +1,000 employees enterprise in 12 countries with union negotiations.

Merger & Acquisition

  • 28 due diligence on behalf of leading financial groups and investment funds;
  • 10 brand relaunch projects on an international scale;
  • 9 JV projects on product category licenses.

Crisis Management

  • Retail channel restructuring (Ebitda from -2.8M to + 2.2M in two years);
  • Rebuilding wholesale networks in Italy and Europe with increasing orders by 400%;
  • Restructuring digital ecosystem B2B, B2C and B2B2C;
  • Team design, new market positioning and collections styling.

Brand Portfolio Re-positioning

  • Reorganization of competitive positioning (product, price, distribution) of Group’s brands, rebranding and renewal of merchandising and collections style strategy.

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